Stratus on Ludum Dare:

7 Responses to Stratus

  1. Eddy says:

    I haven’t even completed the game yet, but I had a problem on the first time I tried it where I couldn’t figure out what to even do. I tried clicking on things in the cabin but didn’t realize I had to get closer to them before I could interact

  2. Edz says:

    This game is SOO fun, too bad it is so short, Rich, you feel like completing the game, like you need to make it to the rescue blimp because your blimp starts to fall. Then, the stairs will break and bend outward when you walk on them and you will land on the top of the rescue blimp, then you have to shoot of more enemies with a stronger gun. Then maybe, you break the gun off and carry it around shooting “turns into a wolfenstein-like game” as you walk around the rescue blimp, which is HUGE. Then you fight a boss in the pilot’s room, he is really hard. Then the rescue blimp falls because the boss had a heart rate sensor, that when the heart rate sensor stopped, the blimp released the air. So then you jump out of the blimp into enemy territory, and have to fight out a village, then you go through the jungle outside the village with sneak attacks on you, from all directions, then finally you get to the final swamp and find empty Nuclear Tank that say in small print “Caution: Radiation” then the giant radioactive swamp monster falls out of the sky and makes your character fall, then you have to shoot the boss while he spawns little swamp minions that you also have to kill, and make it very hard, also make a save option. Then it would be a complete AWESOME game! hopefully you finish it, i really don’t care if you don’t use my ideas, they where an example, but PLEASE finish it!

  3. James says:

    I really enjoyed playing this game! I think that all your first person games are really good, even the one you did for Ludum 22.

  4. Zer0 says:

    First off, Stratus is amazing. When I saw that PSC was made by the same guy that did this, I had to get it. I know you probably hear this all the time, but you should finish Stratus! There’s so much there! Who is the hero, why is he on the airship? WHO ARE THE GIANT BUG ROBOT ALIEN OVERLORDS?!

    Anywho, thanks for making awesome games, keep it up! I hope you’re at least making SOME money off of PSC :D

  5. George says:

    This game is fantastic, and I dare say the best short first person game I have ever played! I really hope that you continue to make such inspired games like this, because no one else has quite hit the nail on the head like stratus!

  6. Jared says:

    so is engine last part of game

  7. Tom says:

    Can you please put up an tutorial on how to make games like this? cause i fucking love the style of this game! Would also like if this what way longer!

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