Pineapple Smash Crew

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Developed by lone-gun designer Rich Edwards with music brought to you by legendary chiptune artist Syphus, Pineapple Smash Crew is a fast paced tactical blast-em-up!

PSC features tight squad formation shooting, aliens, robots, zombies and grenades- lots and lots of grenades! Level up and choose from an assortment of devastating hand-lobbed weaponry, including (but not limited to!): rockets, machine-gun grenades, laser beam grenades, suction grenades, mines, teleporters, holo-bait and bullet shields! also including rare powerups such as Fear, Bullet Time, Invincibility and Four-Times Damage!

Smash through practically infinite randomly generated spaceship designs, grab *all* the loot and kill anything that moves! PSC’s unique modern-retro flavour will take you back to the classics of old and smash you back to the present with a ka-boom!

PSC draws on many classics for inspiration: Alien Breed, Cannon Fodder, Chaos Engine, Gain Ground and even Worms, Toejam and Earl and Speedball 2 :). Warhammer fans may detect a subtle Space Hulk vibe in the mix too!

Check out Bandcamp to buy the soundtrack! (profits go directly to the musician, Syphus!)

NOTE: this game is single-player and PC only

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