Make Devlog #2

Allo! Rich work on non-destructive editing of landscape now. Normally Rich in favour of anything called destructive but in this case he make exception. Non destructive mean he can make changes to structure of landscape and not start again from scratch. For this Rich start with unity example project: procedural generation and use height map script. This mean one image control how high ground is by light and dark colour. Then he generate UV coordinates for mesh and end up with result:


next problem- mesh look kind of jaggy in some places 🙁 . This can be helped with higher mesh resolution, but also by relaxing mesh vertices.. Rich use Laplacian Filter from Unity Wiki:

 Same polygons, smoother!

Notice Rich just mention mesh resolution- if Rich made landscape in Modo or other 3D package, he stuck with mesh resolution unless he redo from scratch. Now Rich generate landscape from image, landscape features persist when mesh resolution change:

 looks like Rich after ale

what is point? what if Rich finish game and realise all landscape too high detail for physics or graphic card? or he realise he can use *more* detail? each landscape can be re-made easy. And now image is used for landscape height, next step is creating image by random…

next task list:

– find method of randomly creating image for use with landscape generation. Main idea: pick several pre-made base images at random and combine in various ways ( flip, rotate, invert) to produce unpredictable result

– change aspect ratio and size of landscape without squashing features and keeping scale consistent – eg smaller landscape area does not produce smaller hills


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