RichMakeGame Make Devlog

Alaw! welcome to RichMakeGame development log, where Rich talk about progress of new game: Car Tank!

Car Tank! is game about car which is tank, on far away planet- a new home for humans (one of many!). Things go badly for humans on new planet, but very well for robot rebellion and thinking plant monsters. So humans call in only man who can save day: Sheriff Cop, driver man of Car Tank.

Let’s see some video and pictures of new game!



Let’s look at new tasks for development of Car Tank! :

– Switch from plugin Antares Universe to UnityScript- most of Antares is replaced, now finish the switch-over and re-organise project for easier development (project getting messy)

– develop in-editor level editing tools. This means ability to edit terrain directly in editor and not rely on modelling tools (modo) for level design changes. Fast editing essential (non destructive if possible- eg, can change landscape polygon resolution at will)

– create new enemy spawn logic- able to randomly spawn certain groups of enemies but keeping to a strict difficulty curve. Levels and areas will have certain enemy types available to spawn, and code decides how to use them to create fun varied experience- not quite the same each play.

– develop level progression structure. currently thinking of some outrun-ish idea of branching routes, some hard some easy.

Stay tuned for more RichMakeGame Make Devlog!


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