Learning Unity + Antares Universe…

hokay! I’ve decided to try my hand at learning Unity, I have some big doubts about my future with Quest3d, despite how much I love it. They just don’t seem to see me as their desired customer type, and the features coming to Quest 5 really don’t interest me.

I’m taking a look at the Unity plugin Antares Universe- it looks very interesting, and seems probably the closest to Quest’s workflow of the Unity visual editors. It seems a lot more fundamentally Object Oriented than vanilla Quest, but I welcome that as I was interested in learning OO for quest, but hate the system they implemented for it. I’ve found some kind Quest ex-pats who use Antares, and they are willing to help me re-adjust- so fingers crossed it goes well!

I’ll try to document my progress with updates here, I’m sure it will make interesting reading for current Quest users, and maybe anyone new to Unity/Antares.

cheers! -Rich

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